Fly Case
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C&F DESIGN cases are designed based on vest or bag sizes for anglers. All cases are surrounded by R-shaped corner and edges without sharp corner and edges. It made variety of our cases easy touch and smooth in and out from vest or bag.
Micro Slit Foam
Micro Slit Foam is one the only foam C&F DESIGN created for better functions.
It does not choose shape of the flies without ruining flies and foam.
Also it is different from ordinary foams and very first and original because
hooks are not go through into the foam but slit of the foam hold flies safely.

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•Ergonomic Rounded Corners
Our WaterProof Fly Case has large fly capacity, but smooth in handling thanks to the ergonomic rounded corners.
•Large Buckle and Rippled Surface
Large buckle and rippled surface make case easier to handle for glove or we hand.
•Silicone Packing
Silicone packing which surround case is protect from moisture very well.
•Optional Flip Parts
C&F WaterProof Fly Case with a Flip that almost doubles the capacity.
Magic Fly Sheet
•Unique adhesive material to hold flies gently but securely makes containers windproof. Flies won't cluster up, and shots won't roll around.
•Wash the Magic Fly Sheet periodically.
•Remove backing on both sides and lay it on the bottom of a plastic case.

Foam Changer
•Foam pops up by pressing on the ejector tab to change variety of foams to much and answer for angler's needs.

How To Use Threader
•Great for changing flies when they are uncomfortably small, when your fingers are numb and when the light is low.
•Threader sizes are indicated by color decals.
•Available in standard and short lengths.
CF-601, CF-601/S standard/standard short : Blue : #19~#16 : 5X~7X
CF-602, CF-602/S midge/midge short : Pink : #26~#20 : 7X~8X
CF-604/S ultra midge short : Red : #32~#24 : 8X~10X