All foam has their own meaning. Form and shape can be determined by function.
However we refuse to compromise function by form and shape.
We do not design just for design. In other words, our motto is we do not over dress our design without absolute necessity.
We are not considering only form, shape and decoration for design. We research what one product really need for function then produce functional design with beauty.
We are not willing to input design which is not necessary. Universality design will products live longer. That is we are aiming for.
What we design is for human use.
We evaluate relationship between human and products deep and well. It will bring us ideas and products. We believe this is designer’s work.
As a matter of fact, there are not many example brands which produced by industrial designer themselves. Usually industrial products are created by many people and ideas because it is very hard to established self-produced brand.
C&F DESIGN as a designer and as outdoor sports lover, we repeatedly asked ourselves, “What can we contribute?” “What do we want to do?” Then we tried to crystallize our thoughts and ideas selfishly.

We will continue create products which make outdoor life more rich and rewarding to show appreciation for people who love our products.
Also we continue to ask ourselves what we can launch to the world from Japan.